The focus in his sessions is on helping each organization, team and individual build more positive minds, teams and cultures. With worldwide presentations in such places as Kenya, Philippines and Cape Verde, Dennis emphasizes how diverse views can lead to innovation and new ideas. “Positive leaders drive positive cultures.”​Dennis is a business leader, motivator, mental performance mentor and passionate athletic coach. Enthusiastic leadership and followership are his trademarks. He brings a high level of energy and passion to every group he engages. Weaving personal anecdotes and experiences with specific calls to action are key elements in his presentations.

"What I love most in this book is that Mr. Mellen didn't give up on himself; instead, he focused on "What's Important Next" (WIN). Furthermore, he makes us understand that events and obstacles are sure to come by, but we have to learn to turn them into opportunities."
-Chigo Nwagboso
"His positive leadership style is contagious and his influence on the other staff coaches is evident. A wonderful person and a fantastic leader."
-Jason Schumaker
Vice President Enterprise Sales at Ceridian

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