Dennis Mellen, a Jon Gordon Certified Positive Leadership Trainer, Consultant, and Author of “Takes More Than Heart; Changing the Journey’s Challenges into Opportunities”, brings years of business experience in airline industry, military, consulting, teaching and coaching including 28 years at Alaska Airlines flying, building training programs, leading teams and developing people. This experience provides insightful stories to connect his audience to the foundations for building relationships, connecting with people and engaging teams in their vision and purpose.


Dennis Mellen helps CEO’s and other leaders transform their organization’s culture by teaching proven strategies that are centered around positivity.

Are you ready to take your team to the next level?

I believe that leaders are like coffee beans… They have the potential to transform their teams into something extraordinary, just like a coffee bean transforms regular water into gourmet coffee. One of the BEST ways that you can be a great leader and increase employee engagement is to show Love-Tough (not tough love). Watch this video to learn more about what I mean by that approach.

Picture yourself facing a career changing event, a season ending injury, or an adverse business situation or failure. What would you do? Do you fold up shop or do you change that challenge into a new opportunity? To be successful, you have to have a low IQ….wait! What did you just say?

“What I love most in this book is that Mr. Mellen didn’t give up on himself; instead, he focused on “What’s Important Next” (WIN). Furthermore, he makes us understand that events and obstacles are sure to come by, but we have to learn to turn them into opportunities.”
-Chigo Nwagboso
“His positive leadership style is contagious and his influence on the other staff coaches is evident. A wonderful person and a fantastic leader.”
Jason Schumaker
Vice President Enterprise Sales at Ceridian



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