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Redwoods Support One Another

Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world. I’ve stood at the base of a redwood in awe as the top disappeared into the clouds. Interesting, though, redwoods have the shallowest root system which only go underground a few feet. So how do they stay rooted and not topple in high winds or heavy rains?

The miracle behind the shallow roots is the trees intertwine their roots providing mutual structural support. Interesting concept, huh? It applies to your team too. If a redwoods success is measured by its height and health, it’s based on its root system and mutual support. Your team’s health comes from its root system too.

Too often we focus on the splendor and grandeur of what is above the ground and not enough on what’s below in our team’s root system. Make sure you cultivate, nurture, and develop your team’s team culture or you won’t enjoy the splendor and grandeur of elite performance. Improve your team’s roots through positive leadership.

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