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To be Successful, You Have to Have a Low IQ…

Picture yourself facing a career changing event, a season ending injury, or an adverse business situation or failure. What would you do?

Do you fold up shop or do you change that challenge into a new opportunity?

You become successful because of the challenges you’ve overcome. You’ve gotten comfortable with uncomfortable situations because of what you learned from your challenges. You changed your challenges into opportunities to grow. You fell down seven times and got up eight. You learned to be successful.

So to be successful, you have to have a low IQ….wait! What did you just say?

According to sports psychologist Dr. Rob Gilbert, to be successful, you have to have a low IQ.

Wait, Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team and went on to win 6 NBA championships and build a successful business empire. He doesn’t have a low IQ.

Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first TV job and yet she went on to build a billion dollar business empire. She doesn’t have a low IQ.

Abraham Lincoln lost some 11 elections and went on to get not only elected POTUS but is arguably the greatest president ever. He didn’t have a low IQ.

What if we changed your perspective of what IQ really is? What if your IQ number actually stood for “I Quit”?

It makes sense then, that MJ, Oprah and Abe had/have low “I Quit” numbers….right? Those three personas never said “I Quit”. Those three have low IQs then, and is the reason for their success rates. They got comfortable with being uncomfortable.

See, successful people are persistent, persevere, have grit and therefore low IQs.

Creating or keeping a positive attitude is the key to staying committed to your WHY, your purpose.

Get your team to have a low IQ. Lead positive, set the example, Be A Bean and transform your team culture from ordinary water into gourmet coffee.

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